~ About Me ~

REGISTERED NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST & Neuro lingusitic programming (nlp) COACH

Hi, I’m Katherine

In my 20s I struggled with digestive problems and lots of niggling health issues. These issues affected my quality of life but I thought there was nothing that I could do about them. I thought having a headache at least once a week was normal! 

I was overweight when I was a teenager and my weight had yoyoed since then. I was feeling constantly exhausted, anxious and I struggled with brain fog. But I worked in a demanding corporate job so I just pushed through it. I was worried about my future health but I had no idea what to do.

It wasn’t until I decided that I had to do something about my health in my thirties that I began to learn about the role of nutrition and lifestyle in health. I’d always loved food and although I did logically know that what I ate mattered, I had no idea about the impact of food and that changing my nutrition and lifestyle could make me feel better in my 40s than I ever did in my 20s.

This transformation in my own health prompted me to leave my corporate job and follow my passion for health and retrain as a Nutritional Therapist. So believe me, I understand the demands of having a busy demanding job as well as the demands of being a parent. 

We all know that knowing what to do is different from doing it! As well as having an MSc in personalised nutrition I am also trained in NLP coaching. Making changes can seem overwhelming but I can motivate and support you with any changes we make.

Even though I’m a Nutritional Therapist, some days I eat foods that have little nutritional credentials. But unlike when I was younger as I take care of myself most of the time, so this doesn’t worry me.  Life is about enjoyment so don’t worry I won’t make you give up your favourite foods. We will work together to change the food you eat to support your health and you will actually enjoy your food more not less!

Through my journey, I have seen first-hand how transformative Nutritional therapy has been for me and my clients!

I am passionate about helping and supporting you!

Education & Credentials

MSc in Personalised Nutrition 

Awarded by Middlesex University taught by CNELM

Dip Personalised Nutrition Practice

CNELM acredited by Qualifi

Practitioner Neuro Lingusitic Programming

UK College of Personal Development

My Ethos


Your Nutritional Therapy program is something we create together in collaboration. Taking into account not only your goals and the science but your likes and dislikes.

It has to be something that fits in with who you are and your lifestyle as well as delivering your goals.


It’s one thing knowing what we should be eating but it’s another thing doing it right? 

Well, being a qualified NLP practitioner in addition to being a Nutritional Therapist is the perfect combination to not only support you with what to do but also to help you to achieve it through personalised coaching.


You are unique! 

My approach takes this into account and all programs are developed specifically for you as an individual taking into account your aims and all of the information gathered through the consultation.


All recommendations are made taking into account cutting edge Nutritional science.   

They are based on an assessment of your current health and taking genetics and environmental influences into account.

However you don’t need to worry about being bamboozled by the science, everything will be interpreted and explained to you in a language you understand.

“ My mission is to help my clients feel energised ”


After years of bad diet habits, Melvina helped me better connect with my body. She gave me the tools to make better and healthier choices for myself.
I am forever grateful to Melvina for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a healthier life by being smarter about the food I consume.
We hired Melvina to help develop our corporate wellness program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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